Editor’s Note – Autumn 2017

Welcome to our first edition of 2017!

We have some genuine variety for you including the winning 2016 ALUCA TurksLegal Scholarship paper, two articles by two eminent life insurance consultants based in the UK and South Africa, a day in a life interview of a major reinsurer MD and, we farewell a Chief Underwriter with a distinguished 49-year life insurance career.


Andrew de Kock brilliantly brings the digital disruption conversation back to the customer in his article, Digital Insurance – It’s not about the technology – It has to be all about the customer.

“In the past the industry dictated the pace of change.  As an industry we refused to fundamentally change and the world just had to live with it.  Now, with clients demanding the change and plenty of people outside the industry happy to develop new business models to deliver services clients find attractive, we are no longer in control of what happens next.”


Andrew identifies thought-provoking examples from the real world to illustrate where life insurance sits as an industry, and suggests opportunities to better engage a much wider audience.


“99 percent of all statistics only tell 49 percent of the story.”
–  Ron DeLegge II


Chris Pollard peels back the layers of statistical claims reporting in his insightful article, UK Claims reporting – opaque transparency


However unpalatable, it is impossible to compare the claims’ performance of one insurer against another. Pricing, product design, underwriting and claims policy and distribution management are some of the most significant variables that impact claims experience.” 


This article will make you stop and think when next gazing over comparative claims statistics. What are your thoughts about it? Does the UK style of claims reporting take place in Australia or New Zealand?  Can claims reporting improve in either country? Be the first to write a comment.


For the July edition, I am reaching out to all CMOs for an article of their chosen interest, trend or bugbear. 


Thank you to all of our contributors. I hope you really enjoy this Autumn edition of ReB. 

Michael Reid
ReB Editor


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