Why Evidence Based Medicine

This article talks about the advantages of evidence based medicine ( EBM) and  explores the most widely adopted guideline in the workers’ compensation setting in the US and overseas, an  electronic EBM guideline tool –  the Official Disability Guidelines (ODG). We know that mlcoa is has rolled out some workshops around Australia which look at the role of evidence based medicine plus exploring what’s happening and why we need opinions that work.

Vicky Petropoulos
Vicky has enjoyed a 15 year career working within the Workplace Rehabilitation Provider sector. In this unique environment Vicky has supported claimants, customers and her teams in the delivery of injury management, treatment and prevention services within a variety of legislative frameworks. With a solid understanding of business needs, coupled with a strong operational management background, Vicky has been able to lead her teams to deliver tailored, outcome based, quality services.

Vicky holds a Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) degree and is a full Member of the Australian Society of Rehabilitation Counsellors.

Rosanna Conti
Rosanna has over 20 years’ experience in injury management and has worked in various roles as a practitioner, strategic advisor, auditor, trainer and manager of vocational rehabilitation and case management services. She has worked in the local government industry and with several large state based, corporate national and international employers. This has included the SA workers compensation regulator where she led strategic reforms designed to drive service quality improvements and higher performance in sustainable return to work rates. Her work experience includes industrial HR, and developing certificate IV and diploma level injury management educational packages.

Rosanna joined mlcoa in 2013 as the National Quality Manager.  She is responsible for delivering the competency-based national quality assurance framework and working on initiatives focused at improving the robustness and quality of specialist opinion services.

Rosanna holds a Post Graduate degree in Psychology, an Honours Degree in Science and also has diploma qualifications in Human Resources Management and Sustainability.



Questions to Adam Goldberger, mlcoa’s Executive General Manager re Evidence Based Medicine

Q) What are the key messages or take outs from mlcoa’s EBM workshops that may not be included in this article ?

The industry is expecting more – services, solutions, costs savings to help them deliver an enhanced ethical outcome to the current process.  The use of evidence based medicine (EBM) via guidelines to ensure appropriate care, reduce treatment and recovery delays, and reduce unnecessary claims costs is becoming a more globally adopted methodology.  Better deployment of specialists at the right time providing the right opinion on the correct issue is key to the industry future.  Balancing this with EBM incorporated in the process to ensure the best foundations on which to base clinical decisions will lead to improved treatment outcomes, enhanced patient care and quality of life, improved management of claims with everyone having a much more positive experience across the entire continuum of case management.  Integrating EBM into their business will help Insurers create a consistent evidence based approach to all claims.

Q) Readers can clearly see from this article that adherence to ODG led to faster return to work, and lower medical costs. What’s next with EBM and ODG and for mlcoa?

We have developed and launched a major marketing campaign to promote EBM role to insurance companies.  EBM is not just a tool for scheme management, it is also a tool (or language) to talk to the medical community. mlcoa has also commenced facilitating a medical specialist guided integration of EBM drawing upon Official Disability Guidelines, over time, into a range of our specialist opinion products to better support key stakeholders.

Adam Goldberger
Adam’s 22 year local and international career has spanned diverse industries including technology, professional services, healthcare and corporate finance.

His experience has focussed on assisting entrepreneurial companies to grow and transition into corporatised environments, as well as working with established listed and private companies to drive change management initiatives, encourage innovation and adopt best practice.

Adam holds a Bachelor of Economics from the University of New South Wales and is a qualified CPA.

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