Chatter From The Chair – Winter 2018

Fresh from a trip overseas for a friend’s wedding, it has been good to have a few weeks out where I can reflect on ALUCA and the many changes in our industry without being caught up in the day to day and the multitude of projects and deliverables that we all juggle.

Many of th comments from members who attend ALUCA events are about just this – the importance of taking time out of the business for a few hours to invest in themselves to further their industry knowledge, grow their networks and ultimately support their professional development. On that note don’t forget that we have extended ALUCA’s special Certified Professional Life Insurance accredited membership upgrades until the end of September. Details of ALUCA’s accredited webinar for accredited members will be sent out before the end of the month.

The landscape we operate in has changed significantly over the course of the last few years, and I expect that change to accelerate during the rest of the year and I expect there to be new, or renewed, areas of focus for us as life insurance professionals over the next few months.  With that in mind, the timing of the conference in Hobart in October is ideal for challenging, insightful and invigorating debate with your industry colleagues.   As much as the landscape changes, however, the fundamental nature of our industry doesn’t change – providing peace of mind and supporting Australians in need.

This in turns leads me to think about our inaugural Excellence in Life Insurance Awards, held in May in Sydney.  My congratulations to the very worth winners, with more details in Amanda’s update.   What I found striking and inspirational was the focus on the difference that the people in our industry and disciplines make to people in the community, our customers.  This was brought home by one of the judges, and executive from outside our industry, who commented that “I know life insurance is a big industry, and an important industry, but I never realised how caring, empathetic and humanistic the people who work in it are”

As always, please contact me at with any comments, or feel free to speak to me at any of our upcoming events.

Jim Welsh
ALUCA Board Chair

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