ALUCA Life Member Award Winner – Peter Jones

What made you want to become a volunteer with ALUCA? 

Having commenced working with the life insurance industry, initially with Prudential, I came to realise the great divide in considering financials as a key element in the underwriting of life insurance applications and assessing of claims. The first person I worked closely with in the industry was Andrew Morrison who has fortunately, recently returned to work with life insurance after many years of experience both within Australia and overseas.

Right from the early stages of working with the industry I realised there was a large divide between underwriting and claims and financial advisors (then known as agents).

I saw the work being done in those days by people like Tom Renny and others in an effort to bring the different elements of life insurance together and this inspired me to be a part of the organisation (ALUCA) that was endeavouring to bring about these changes and provide an education and recognition for those working within underwriting and claims.

What are you most proud of as your time of volunteering with ALUCA?

I would have to say that the thing that has made me most proud during the time that I have been a part of ALUCA is seeing the dedication of the people that I have worked with on the board to bring about the most recent changes to the structure of the Association and particularly from growing from a single point dependency Secretariat to that of having a dedicated Chief Executive Officer and full-time Secretariat. This also encompassed the restructuring of the board and the change in thinking in the aims and objectives of the organisation to encompass the philosophy of educate, develop, connect.

Also to encourage people working within claims to make the opportunity to actually meet face to face with a claimant when given the opportunity.

What is the most memorable ALUCA event / conference that you have attended and why?

Probably the most memorable event that I have attended has been this year’s conference for two reasons.

The first being obviously that I had life membership of ALUCA conferred on me, an honour that I am extremely humble and proud about.  Mainly however, because of all the conferences and events I have been to since joining ALUCA this was the best conference that I have attended both in terms of venue and but more importantly because of the content and the organisation and I would congratulate those in the management, on the conference committee and on the board for achieving such a great result.

What advice do you have for other ALUCA members who are thinking of putting their hand up to volunteer with ALUCA?

To be passionate about the industry they work in and understand that volunteering does not just mean turning up once a month at a committee or board meeting and further to ensure that their employer agrees with and supports their volunteering knowing that their participation will bring benefits to themselves as employee and the company.

What additional skills and capabilities did you gain by being with ALUCA?

Undoubtedly, the ability to fully understand the importance of life insurance in the community and the need for the industry to be diligent and particularly the assessment of people’s claims. This particularly has come about through the opportunity to meet personally with claimants and gain a full understanding from people who actually are suffering and need support offered by insurance cover.

 4 words to describe ALUCA?

Participate, Educate, Develop, Connect

4 words to describe Peter Jones? 

Passionate, dedicated, wine lover

What’s next for Peter Jones? 

Continue to participate and connect with the people in the life insurance industry; spend more time with my grandchildren and travel.

Peter Jones is an accountant who has worked extensively with life insurers and reinsurers in both retail and group areas in Australia and New Zealand since 1985.  He spent six years as a board member of the Australasian Life Underwriting and Claims Association (ALUCA) during which time he was instrumental in upgrading the structure of the association. Prior to joining the ALUCA board Peter participated in the preparation of the Association’s submission to government regarding changes to the Insurance Contracts Act in Australia and two conference programme committees.