Chatter From The Chair – Spring 2018

Welcome to the spring edition of RiskeBusiness.  The pace of change surrounding our industry has certainly accelerated since the last edition back in July, and this was one of the many themes discussed at our successful conference in Hobart.    The conference will be covered elsewhere in this edition, but I will once again convey my thanks to the organising committee for the brilliant, content-rich program that they developed for us and I’d also like to thank our friends from TAS, The Association Specialists, for ensuring that everything ran smoothly.   This was our largest conference ever, with 501 registered attendees, and judging by the universally positive feedback received to date, our most successful. It was a pleasure to meet many of you in Hobart, and what I found particularly striking was the spirit of togetherness, professionalism and friendship that ran throughout the conference.  

As Amanda has noted in her column, ALUCA is currently enjoying record levels of membership, with more than 1800 financial members at the time of writing, which is approximately up 25% on October 2016.     Whilst the conference is recognised as our flagship event, Amanda and I have been fortunate to attend many of our subgroup seminars in the last 3 months which have covered a wide range of topics relevant to our members and industry, and our sincere thanks go to the volunteers who make this all possible.   The passion and commitment of the ALUCA subgroups is mirrored in their continued success, with a record 2200 people due to attend subgroup events in 2018, which in itself is approximately 25% up on 2016.   Please check the ALUCA website for details on upcoming End of Year events in your area.

You will have seen we have the notification of the 2018 AGM which is being held on 21 November 2018 in Sydney and Melbourne.    We welcome your contribution to our AGM, and proxy voting is available should you be unable to attend in person.    The AGM also sees the election of a new board, marking the end of a very successful tenure for the current board, which on top of the growth outlined above, has seen great success in securing ALUCA’s ongoing sustainability, modernising ALUCA’s footprint and delivering to the professional development needs of our members. My thanks go to each of the board members and our CEO, Amanda McKernan, for everything that has been delivered over the last two years and for their time and commitment to ALUCA’s success over that period.

Finally, I would like to convey my congratulations to Peter Jones, ALUCA’s newest life member.   Peter has made a profound contribution to ALUCA over many years and this is accolade is highly deserved.    Peter is the star of this edition’s regular “5 minutes with…” article.

I look forward to seeing many of you at the End of Year events.   As always, please feel free to contact me on

Best regards,

Jim Welsh
ALUCA Board Chair

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