Editor’s Note – Spring 2018

Welcome to the Post-Conference Edition!

I was one of 500 fellow ALUCA Members who attended the ALUCA Innov18 Life Changing conference in October and must start by congratulating Amanda our CEO, Jim our Chair, the Conference Convenors Mary, Sean and their Conference Committee for putting on a truly sensational event! 17 diverse plenary topics were on offer, underpinned by 36 sponsors/exhibitors/supporters showcasing their wares in the magnificent Hotel Grand Chancellor venue – and all coordinated with seamless efficiency.

A healthy balance was struck between technical presentations and speakers with an eye on the future.  The common theme was how [and when] we will adapt to a rapidly changing client demographic i.e. the rise of the Millennials and distribution trends i.e. predictive modelling.   I beelined to these plenaries and in doing so gained a great deal of thought-provoking ideas that can be explored at my organisation immediately – a key success measure for any conference.  Previous conferences that I have attended (Alice Springs 2008 and Auckland 2012) were invaluable for my development at that time and it was extremely satisfying to witness the evolution of ALUCA at this 2018 conference.

Of course we had plenty of fun too!

More on the conference to come in this edition including a link to the photos.

Also in this Spring edition ….

We hope the delay of this Spring Edition hasn’t caused too much inconvenience. We made a call to publish post conference so that ALUCA Members were not waiting until mid-December to hear about the conference and see the photos.

The Summer Edition will run to our pre-Christmas schedule so if you have a contribution to make, please let me know asap.

I hope you really enjoy this Post Conference Spring Edition of ReB.


Michael Reid
ReB Editor


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