Chatter From The Chair – Summer

2018 was a big year yet despite it being a turbulent and very challenging time for our industry, ALUCA has achieved impressive results with our highest ever membership levels which are continuing to grow, record numbers of delegates who attended the national conference last October, an impressive variety of state events, the newly launched accredited membership  – CPLI  – which has performed strongly, exceeding forecast as did our inaugural sold out Awards night last May. Thanks to you all for your support, energy, passion and commitment to the industry and customers.

We have a lot be proud of as a member run industry Association. Primarily run by a passionate and engaged workforce of member volunteers who provide countless hours of their time to ensure we deliver a program of highly relevant educational events and content. I’d like to thank our hard working and dedicated Sub Groups, working parties, conference committee, national Board, ReB Editor and CEO for their great contribution.

The November 2018 AGM saw the election of a new board with the new terms of office, marking the end of a very successful tenure for the previous board. As you’ll see in the Board article in this edition of ReB – the re-elected Board members Devi, Chantelle, Carly, Mary, and Amanda  and our new board members – Dr Matthew Paul and Mark Raeberger,  my thanks and welcome to them all. As a board we will continue to focus on ALUCA’s growth and ongoing sustainability, modernising ALUCA’s footprint and delivering to the professional development needs of our members via ALUCA’s life insurance competency framework, accreditation and educational events, seminars and content.

Let me also echo our CEO’s thanks to our sponsors for their ongoing support of ALUCA, which enables us to provide such tangible value to our members.  I enjoyed catching up with many of them and members at ALUCA’s Australia-wide end of year events in QLD, SA, VIC and NSW all with an impressive line up of speakers.

It was a real pleasure to be part of the ALUCA TurksLegal LIFT ( Life Insurance Future Thinking)  Round Table event last November hosted by TurksLegal on  “”Mental Health: Working together to build better outcomes” with many LIFT alumni attending. By way of background LIFT consists of past winners and runners up of the ALUCA TurksLegal scholarship. The Round Table event was a highly productive meeting and we look forward to sharing this paper with you shortly.

As we take stock of the year ahead there’s never been a more important time to be on the front foot and  step up to an accredited ALUCA membership that clearly demonstrates your ongoing commitment to continuous professional development, providing our customers peace of mind that they are dealing with an experienced professional. Like me I am sure you are all proud of your qualifications, technical knowledge and understanding of our life insurance discipline and the hours spent securing formal qualifications, hours spent at ALUCA and other industry seminars, and the new things you learn daily from colleagues and peers across the industry. So make 2019 the year you become an ALUCA accredited Certified Professional Life Insurance (CPLI) member

Finally a reminder that ALUCA’s Life Insurance Excellence Award nominations are now open. I very much hope you can join us in Melbourne on May 22nd for ALUCA’s Awards night to celebrate the value that great Life Insurance claims, rehabilitation and underwriting create.

As always I welcome your feedback and comments at any time and look forward to seeing you at a future ALUCA event.  Please feel free to contact me on

Best regards,

Jim Welsh
ALUCA Board Chair

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