ALUCA Briefing Report: Findings from the Royal Commission report

ALUCA proudly launched the working party final briefing report into findings from the Royal Commission report specific to life insurance underwriters, claims and rehabilitation professionals on Thursday April 11th at an Executive Leaders briefing in Sydney. A copy of this report was also sent via email to all members.  For those of you who may have missed it we are delighted to share this with you. Click here for the link for your complimentary copy.

The analysis provided has been designed to be of assistance to you and your organisation highlighting key relevant areas with possible solutions for moving forward.

ALUCA, anticipating greater regulatory scrutiny of the industry some 18 months ago, proactively took steps to strengthen professionalisation of life insurance underwriters, claims and rehabilitation professionals via the launch in November 2017 of ALUCA’s life insurance competency model that is freely available to all members and the industry, and ALUCA’s Certified Professional Life Insurance (CPLI) accreditation program. These measures were taken to demonstrate the commitment of ALUCA’s life insurance members to professionalise through an industry led competency framework that underpins ALUCA’s robust industry accreditation and ongoing professional development program to meet compliance with these competencies. You will see that an industry wide competency framework and accreditation program are some of the key recommendations in the report.

Please note this report provides the view of ALUCA at this point in time based on the information that was available to us via the Hayne report.

We’d like to thank and acknowledge all members of ALUCA’s working party led by Tony O’Leary for so generously providing their time and insights. We’d also like to thank all ALUCA members who put their hand up to help on this important project.


Name Main Discipline
Helen Barnett Legal
Angela Bolt Claims
Simon Cranley Underwriting
Sam Fortey Claims
Katherine Matterson Underwriting
Margaret Mozian Claims
Tony O’Leary (Chair) Underwriting & Claims
Debra Pitcher Underwriting
Mitu Ray Rehabilitation & Claims
Brian Sussman Underwriting & Claims
Darren Woolley Claims


As always, we welcome your thoughts and views and look forward to hearing from you.