ICLAM Mumbai 2019

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ICLAM is back to Asia!

The ICLAM (International Committee for Insurance Medicine) Congresses have become the international benchmark for congress aimed at scientific training, interactive discussion and networking on topics related to risk underwriting, claims assessment & medical trends and its significant to Life/Health/Disability insurance.

ICLAM has a very rich history over 100 years.

ICLAM 2019 will be only the second time that ICLAM will be coming to Asia (after a long gap of 32 years).

KEY SESSION FORMATS: https://www.iclammumbai2019.org/scientific-programme

ICLAM 2019 will bring many diverse formats of sharing knowledge via the Scientific Program

A. Preconference Workshops: 2 Masterclass workshops will be held with limited number of registrations to enable focused discussions and case studies.

Option 1: “Genetics and Genomics”: We will cover the advances & potential impact of Genetics and Genomics on the Life and Health insurance industry. Key technological breakthroughs (Liquid Biopsies, SNPs, Whole Genome Sequencing, CRISPR), Types of genetic testing (where, why and when are they used?), and general view of regulation and restrictions by various jurisdictions will be discussed with help of case studies.

Option 2: “Histopathology interpretation made easy- Every detail matters”:  Underwriting an applicant with cancer or assessment of CI claim of cancer requires up-to-date insight about the microscopic features of the underlying condition. In our day to day work, we seldom get a chance to brush upon our knowledge regarding the interpretation of Histopathology Reports. This interactive workshop is aimed at offering a bird’s-eye view on histopathology, starting with basics to a comprehensive updated review of few cancers followed by relevant case studies.

B. Concurrent Sessions: As part of the scientific program, Concurrent sessions with specialized themes like Cancer, Diabetes, Cardiovascular Diseases will be conducted to provide practical solutions to technical topics.

C. Technology Session: ICLAM Mumbai 2019 and The Digital Insurer are collaborating to deliver concurrent sessions on how InsurTech is changing the medical, underwriting and claims disciplines in the insurance industry. Each session will follow a fast-paced panel format where panellists deliver short mini-presentations allowing time to leverage the collective experience of both the panellists and audience in the room in an open floor Q&A

D. Satellite Sessions: The satellite programme will be provided by the where expert speakers from our main sponsors will address the “translation” of theory into practice. Topics like Mental Health, Disability and Health insurance will be covered.

E. Plenary Sessions: ICLAM Mumbai 2019 has invited speakers from all over the world to address on key topics relevant to Life & Health insurance industry. Some key speakers and their topics include

  1. Al Klein, Principal and Consulting Actuary, Milliman USA- Long Term Drivers of Mortality and Morbidity
  2. Eric Raymond and Maneul Plisson, SCOR- Cure for cancer: how far are we and how would it change insurance?
  3. Ronald Klein, Director, Global Ageing, Geneva Association, Genetic Regulations vs Direct to Consumer Genetics Test – What does the future hold?“
  4. Dr Kumar Prabash, Senior Medical Oncologist, Tata Memorial Hospital, Clinical Medicine- An Insiders’ view on Liquid Biopsy and Immunotherapy: Hype or Hope for the next decade
  5. Derek Yach, former World Health Organization (WHO) cabinet director and currently President of Foundation for a Smoke Free World- Smoking Harm Reduction: The myths vs facts and how it matters to insurers
  6. Prof Matthieu Allez, Hospital Saint-Louis, Paris, Dpt. Gastroenterology & Hepatology- Looking into Future of IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease)
  7. Dr Andreas Armuss, Chief Medical Officer (Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa), Munich Re- Advances in Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment: What does all mean for Underwriting and Claims (CI/DI)?
  8. Takesumi Yoshimura, Director, Emergency Life-Saving Technique Academy of Kyushu- Radiation and its impact on Cancer- What we can learn from Japan about the long-term impact of cosmic ray and radiation exposure on cancer?
  9. Dr Yash Lokhandwala, Cardiologist and Electrophysiologist- Risk Stratifying Asymptomatic Arrythmias
  10. Dr Paul Davis, Chief Medical Officer,RGA Australia- 4th Universal Definition of Myocardial Infarction and its impact on insurers
  11. Lawerence Tsui, Director of Life & Health Products, Swiss Re- Cancer Only Product experience around the globe!
  12. Dr John O’brien, Life/Health Chief Medical Officer, London- Sweetening the deal- Products for Diabetics and its experience


The Audiences: The ICLAM Congresses traditionally bring together over 300-400 insurance doctors, underwriters, claim evaluators and actuaries in scientific debate and social activities. ICLAM Mumbai 2019 will bring in a large audience from India and various countries in the East (South East and Far East), Australasia, Europe and Americas.

The academic event:  By being part of this one event, the audience will be able to engage with the experts across the region on the most relevant topics in an interactive manner.

The social events:  While we all love intellectually stimulating discussions, there is no harm in having some fun along with it. The social events we plan will bring everyone together to highlight the culture and food of different regions and make this event a memorable one for all participants and their partners.

Is ICLAM accepting any Abstracts/Essays?

Thinking creatively and out of the box are attributes that are essential for the creation of world-class companies. A culture encouraging Original research will inspire, solutions been identified for day-to-day challenges as well as broader issues faced by the insurance industry

With an aim to encourage original and scientific thinking, ICLAM 2019 invites Abstracts/Essay papers from Insurance and related institutions/ organizations. Submission deadline is August 15 2019. Abstracts may only be submitted online: www.iclammumbai2019.org

There will be two prize winning Abstracts and one Essay paper winner.  The winners will be declared in September 2019 and will be allocated a slot for presentation

The First prize Abstract winner will be eligible for free registration for the ICLAM 2022 which will be held at an International location (to be announced at ICLAM Mumbai 2019)

We look forward to your participation in this premier industry event, and to welcoming you in Mumbai in 2019.

Dr. Himanshu Bhatia                                                               Dr. Detloff Rump

President, ICLAM Mumbai 2019                                             President, ICLAM

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