Chatter From The Chair – Winter 2019

The pace of change in our industry continues unabated throughout 2019.   Change conjures up a raft of different emotions, and the same circumstances affect different people in a different way.   Personally, I see change as a positive thing – it’s inevitable and as the adage goes, “the only constant is change”.  It’s never easy but there is nothing wrong in change, if it’s in the right direction and I look forward to the potential that lies ahead for us as an industry and as professionals within that industry. It’s never been more important to be part of a professional member industry Association like ALUCA that educates, develops and keeps you connected with your peers both here and overseas.  Please remember to update your details if you have changed roles or emails so we can stay connected.      I’m also proud to announce we will be soon be announcing free continuation of membership to any of our members taking parental leave to help them stay connected with the industry.

As much as the industry landscape changes, however, the fundamental nature of our industry doesn’t change – providing peace of mind and supporting Australasians in need.  This was so very evident at ALUCA’s Life Insurance Excellence Awards night in Melbourne. Once again what I was so struck and inspired by were the powerful submissions that highlighted the care, support and difference that the people in our industry and disciplines make to the communities and customers we serve, as well as the profound commitment people in our industry have for their own professional development. Congratulations to all the finalists and winners, and to everyone for supporting this.

We will be holding ALUCA’s strategy day in August where some important key decisions will be made about the content and educational support that ALUCA provides to our members. ALUCA’s Board have signed off on investing and updating our website that will provide a strong learning management platform for all. Further details about this will be provided following the strategy day.

I’ve also been holding many meetings and conversations with other key industry bodies including ANZIIF, industry CEOs, the FSC and PIEF to ensure we are aligned to delivering on the best outcome for our industry, our customers and our people. More updates will be provided on that shortly.

As a final aside, as we near the final State of Origin match for the year, I thought I would check which state has the highest percentage of accredited members.  My congratulations go to…..Western Australia!

As always, please contact me at with any comments, or feel free to speak to me at any of our upcoming events.

Best regards,

Jim Welsh
ALUCA Board Chair

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