The 2019 MLC-ALUCA-Monash Prize for Industry Collaboration for Health Students

ALUCA-MLC-Monash Award Scholarship Program

For the 3rd time (2016, 2107 and in 2019), MLC and ALUCA have once again teamed up to provide the University of Monash Allied Health Students an opportunity to research and present on key topics impacting the Australian Life insurance industry, particularly within Underwriting and Claims.

Final year Monash University medical, nursing or allied health are invited to apply their health knowledge in a commercial context. To be considered for this prize, students will need to prepare a (written and verbal) response to key questions facing underwriting and claims professionals today.

Students who are chosen to participate will have support and access to mentors from the insurance underwriting and claims business units provided by MLC.

Did you know that allied health professionals play a crucial role in the life insurance industry?

Life insurers use the skill and expertise of allied health, nursing and medical professionals in roles such as rehabilitation management, complex case management, insurance policy and product development and underwriting.

Allied health and medical professionals bring their speciality to a corporate environment to achieve the best health outcomes for the customer as well as meeting the business needs.

What’s the prize?

  • $500 for each of the eight students selected to participate in writing and presenting on one of the eight insurance and underwriting claims topics.
  • $1,000 for the second best submission, and
  • $2,000 for the best submission

In addition, each of the eight students selected will:

  • Have access to a MLC Life Insurance senior claims professional or a senior underwriter as a mentor for the duration.
  • Potentially have their paper published in industry newsletters.
  • Receive an exclusive invitation to a Welcome and Awards event, and

Opportunity to apply for a three month intern placement at MLC Life Insurance.

What’s required?

The eight students selected will need to prepare

  • A 2,000 word essay on one selected topic (word limit must be adhered to).
  • A five minute presentation to Monash employees, MLC Life Insurance senior leaders and ALUCA board members on the selected topic. This must include a PowerPoint presentation (a maximum of 10 slides) created to support key findings.

The students will be required to submit their PowerPoint document prior to their presentation.

Selection process

Monash University staff will select eight students who will each respond to one of the topics. Only eight papers (and presentations) will be prepared and considered in the running for first prize.

The selection of the eight students will be based on the discretion of Monash University employees and the topics selected by eligible candidates. Any questions about this process please speak to Professor Marilyn Baird.

Support provided

Each of the eight students selected will have access to a mentor from MLC Life Insurance to assist in developing their understanding of the life insurance industry.

Those selected to participate will be invited to attend an ‘Insurance 101’ welcome event at MLC Life Insurance’s office at Tower 2, Level 16, 727 Collins Street, Docklands to meet your mentors who will support you (as required) throughout the time allowed to develop your response to your assigned topic.


  1. How can we combat the negative impact of social media on the mental health of our future workforce?
  2. A sedentary lifestyle has been compared to smoking 20 cigarettes per day. How do we motivate Australians to become more active and healthier?
  3. How can we support Australians who live in more remote areas to access appropriate and holistic healthcare?
  4. How can allied health and non-allied health professionals working in the life insurance industry interface with treating doctors, surgeons and other allied health professionals to obtain the information they need in order to best support a customer on claim?
  5. How can we explain and apply complex medical terminology to customers and other non-allied health stakeholders within the life insurance industry?
  6. Alcohol consumption, harmful drinking and health. What are the implications for income insurance and TPD insurance?
  7. How can the life insurance industry leverage Behavioural Economics to improve return to work and health outcomes at claim time?
  8. People are working longer than ever before with the expected retirement date moving past 65 years of age.  How could we extend the working life of a manual worker in the context of physical deterioration over time?

For further details please see the ALUCA MLC Monash brochure here.

Important information

MLC Limited (MLC) ABN 90 000 000 402, AFSL 230694, operates the MLC Life Insurance business. MLC Limited uses the MLC brand under licence. MLC Limited is part of the Nippon Life Insurance Group and not a part of the NAB Group.

The internship will be conditional upon satisfaction of MLC Life Insurance employment requirements including necessary probity checks.

Participation is conditional upon agreement to publication of your entry by MLC Life Insurance.