ALUCA 2020 Conference

ALUCA’s flagship biennial 2020 conference is taking shape and the organising committee headed up by Board secretary, Mary Sinclair-Porter and Board member Carly Van den Akker are working hard to bring you an exciting event rich in content and delivering on the theme of CUSTOMEYES.

The industry that we love and work in continues to go through significant scrutiny and criticism. Now more than ever, there is a need to regain trust, demonstrate our competence, deliver on our promises, and show our customers we care.

What’s in Store for the ALUCA 2020 Biennial Conference?

Customer-focused content in all conference topics.
Understand community expectations through panels and regulators, which will enable you to…
See how you can make a difference in all that you do;
Take every opportunity to learn, develop and connect and build great relationships.
Optimise your learning experience, ask questions and get involved with the event app.
Meet and greet new and old industry colleagues and share ideas.
Experience cutting-edge content and hear from renowned speakers.
Re-imagine the future life insurance experience through the eyes of our customers

The ALUCA conference team look forward to seeing you on the Gold Coast in 2020, looking through Customeyes.

To find out more head to the conference website at: