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List of contents:

  1. Editor’s Note
  2. CEO Corner
  3. Chatter from the Chair
  4. Sub Group Updates
  5. Rheumatoid arthritis – an overview
  6. 12 Months On, Hayne Royal Commission Draft Legislation Set To Change Life Insurance Policies / Moray & Agnew Lawyers
  7. 2019 ALUCA-MLC-Monash Winning Paper 
  8. ALUCA & COVID-19 Update
  9. ALUCA Life Insurance Excellence Awards 2020
  10. ALUCA’s Refreshed CPLI and CPD Programme
  11. Black Dog Institute -Working from Home
  12. Interview with Michael Reid, Editor of RiskeBusiness
  13. Life Insurance and Genetic Discrimination in the World of Perfect Data /Colin Biggers & Paisley Lawyers
  14. In Memorium of Dr Mulhearn