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Editor's Note

ALUCA Sub Group Reports



List of contents:

  1. Editor’s Note
  2. CEO Corner
  3. Chatter from the Chair
  4. New Board Member introductions
  5. Sub Group Updates
  6. Medical Forum lunch & dinner update
  7. Working Party Update
  8. Become an ALUCA accredited member – Certified Professional Life Insurance, CPLI
  9. TurksLegal Scholarship 1st Runner Up + 2nd Runner Up papers
  10. Employability Assessment in Total and Permanent Disability Insurance Claims PhD – Thesis summary by Margaret Elizabeth Black
  11. Competency Framework and CPLI update
  12. 2020 ALUCA Biennial Conference: October 2020, Gold Coast, Queensland
  13. ALUCA Awards 
  14. ALUCA Life Insurance Excellence Award Winner – Leader of the Year: Tina Beilby, Chief Underwriter, Zurich